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KR or Islandic Jerseys17.júlí 2015 kl.13:12
Góðan daginn I am french and i live in the UK. I ve been to Iceland last year and i love this country. I like football and football jerseys as well. I was wondering if anyone is selling here some icelandic league jerseys (KR or other teams)? Also, i may buy a KR jersey and would like to have a printed name on. However, to be fair i have no clue about KR players so can you suggest me a player ? Your best player ? Your futur star in your opinion? Best regards and good luck against Rosenborg.
KR-fans17.júlí 2015 kl.15:03
if you want to buy an Icelandic league jersey you should definitely get a KR jersey. The biggest team here in Iceland and with the best history. If you dont want to have your own name on the jersey you should go for Friðgeirsson (skúli jón) because he is made in KR and i think he will not be leaving soon, he is a CB and one of the best players in the league. Icelandic players usually dont have their names on the back of their shirt but i can see why you want that. He is number 5. You can buy the jersey in the KR-shop located in the big F or in joi útherji (joey the field player). COME ON KR!!!
KR17.júlí 2015 kl.15:27
Ok thanks.I will buy a KR jersey i love the color and the stripes :)Well i think im gonna go for Friðjónsson which seems talented and who plays striker.I am gonna buy my jersey online (joiutherji) and ship to the UK. It s bit expensive unfortunately (more than 50 pound).Also i am gonna try to get my jersey signed by the player. Do you think it's possible? And COME ON KR :D
17.júlí 2015 kl.23:42
Friðjónsson is definitely a great player and one of the most talented young Icelanders but I don't think he will be staying very long at KR. And if you come to a KR game or just to a training session he will definitely sign your jersey.
18.júlí 2015 kl.01:29
Well i am not really a KR fan so it doesnt really matter for me.I live in the Uk so i wont be able to do that but someone on twitter told me he would do it for me and then ship to the UK ;)
buy kr Reykjavik shirt31.maí 2020 kl.14:17
Good afternoon from Spain.I am an enthusiastic traveler who likes to buy the soccer team game shirt and years ago I was in Iceland and I couldn't buy the KR game shirt. Can someone tell me how to buy it online and receive it in Spain? I'm just missing that shirt. Greetings from Spain.CARLOS

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